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In Health and Happiness

Kim 🙂


I added a new article today, Dear Harlow:  Forever and Always.  This one was a gutter to write!  Wow! to anyone who has experienced the grief of losing a pet, I’m sure it will make you cry.  I hope you enjoy it though.

Grieving the loss of a pet is real, raw and it hurts.  I have grieved a few.  It is a way of honoring their love though; I cry now I know because I allowed myself to love fully and wholeheartedly when my precious girl was alive.  To some of us pets are our children too so it’s even worse.  I have been in that place too.

It was a cathartic article to write, I cried all the way through it to its published state.  It sure reinforces how horribly I miss her!

I believe Harlow can still see me though and she’s proud that I’ve released this side of myself to you.

Peace and Happiness



I wanted to take a minute out today and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! Make sure that you breathe in each and every magical moment.

If you are single (or your Valentine is away) remember that this day is for you too! Do something extra special for yourself. If single know that you are just as important as anyone who is in a relationship! Love starts with loving yourself (it’s well known that you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself), so think of today not just as Valentines Day but more importantly as a Love Day to honor who you are – go for a walk, buy yourself flowers, a bit of candy, a little gift – and celebrate your uniqueness and wonderfulness. Remember, we all came into this world by ourselves and we all leave the same way so spending the day with “me, myself and I” can be good for the soul too. Or, if you feel lonely reach out to another person who is alone and go see a movie, go out for dinner, do something so that you have much laughter today and build great memories. Your heart will thank you!

In gratitude,



It is with great sadness that I  announce the passing of one of my best friends and a lead character in my eBook, Angelina Beaglina Saves Summer, Harlow Friesen.  Harlow was one of those souls whose magical abilities effortlessly touched many lives.  My husband and I were privileged to have called her our own and to share 12 1/2 wonderful years with her. My son is devastated to have lost his “Harbar”.

As a therapy dog, Harlow worked tirelessly beside me after my stroke.  Pacific Animal Therapy Services (PATS) is the organization we volunteered with.  Below is the Remembrance that PATS posted on their website –  They took the words from an email that I wrote telling them of her passing:


————– —-Harlow (right)

May 2001 to January 2014

Harlow was an amazing and magical soul; With one blue eye and one brown, Harlow’s striking beauty and calm reserve always caught many admirers.  No one ever turned her gentleness or her love away. Hands would extend from wheelchairs and hospital beds to pat her. Harlow chose the people; always  intuitive in her knowledge of just who needed her most.

My favorite memory was watching Harlow pause in front of an Alzheimer’s patient (who hadn’t  spoken or made cognitive connection for a while) and hearing her utter the word  ”dog” as she looked at Harlow.  Her son was overjoyed that his mom momentarily came back to him from a haze of dementia.

Harlow’s kind and tender ways touched the lives of many, not only those we met on our PATS visits to Glengarry Hospital and Victoria General Hospital but also in our personal life; family, friends, neighbors and people we’d meet adored her.   The loss of her has brought an outpouring of affection my way that has truly touched me and  honored what a special soul Harlow was and will always be.

Rest in peace my dear sweet best-friend.  Gone for now, never to be forgotten and to be seen again one day in the future when we meet Heaven.

Kim, aka Your Human Momma Always

Rest in peace my beautiful husky pup, gone but never to be forgotten! xoxo

Harlow Friesen – May 31, 2001 – January 20, 2014