I wanted to take a minute out today and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! Make sure that you breathe in each and every magical moment.

If you are single (or your Valentine is away) remember that this day is for you too! Do something extra special for yourself. If single know that you are just as important as anyone who is in a relationship! Love starts with loving yourself (it’s well known that you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself), so think of today not just as Valentines Day but more importantly as a Love Day to honor who you are – go for a walk, buy yourself flowers, a bit of candy, a little gift – and celebrate your uniqueness and wonderfulness. Remember, we all came into this world by ourselves and we all leave the same way so spending the day with “me, myself and I” can be good for the soul too. Or, if you feel lonely reach out to another person who is alone and go see a movie, go out for dinner, do something so that you have much laughter today and build great memories. Your heart will thank you!

In gratitude,


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