KIM FRIESEN - WRITING PORTRAIT 2014“Nothing is impossible, the word itself  says “I’m possible’!” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Hi, my name is Kim Friesen and this website is dedicated to my son’s eyes; the true window into my soul.  For no matter what I’ve experienced, the pain I’ve overcome and the tragedy that tried to overtake me, the magic of his unconditional love and the touch of his beautiful soul, now and forever, encompasses me.   Every day, he challenges me to be impenetrable, and I am honored and eternally thankful to be his momma.   I also am indebted to him for on the day he was born a beautiful and magical thing happened – I became me.   This website and all that I write is my legacy to him; yesterday, today, and tomorrow; for always and forever my gift to him!  I love you my little man xoxo Forever Your Momma xoxo.

Please visit the menus above to read my blog, poetry, and songs.  Also, I’d love it if you purchase my eBooks, Little Willow, and Angelina Beaglina Saves Summer.  You can do that right here on my website using PayPal – follow the instructions in the menus.

Please do not reproduce or distribute my writing, in any manner, to anyone without my prior written consent.

Feel free to also to check me out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest at Kim Friesen – Mogillow Arts! You’ll find personal photos of myself and my life as well as more poems and personal thoughts and observations.

I hope that you enjoy reading my writings as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.

It is my sincere hope that the future is bright and generous to us all!

May happiness and love always find you.


PS  To my wonderful husband and furry family – I love you too – always and forever xoxo

14 thoughts on “HOME

  1. You are an inspiration Kim, with all that you have endured..You really have a passion for life..Keep it up girl!!!

  2. This is phenomenal!!!! As are you!!! This looks great, the site flows and your words lift me so far. I am humbled by you Wordsmith…… Love you Forever and Always xoxo Trev

  3. Thanks Mom, you know I get my craft for words from you. I am glad I have your support, it’s very important. As you know, it always means the world to a child when parents are there for them! I strive for that with Kai too! Love you xoxo

  4. See I do know how to find this when prompted. You are doing an amazing job on your website. I can’t believe that I brought this talented funny and athletic little person into this crazy world. You have survived so much and will no doubt take the world by storm doing what you do best! Create and share your wonderful spirit and love for all the world to see. I am watching you in your journey and support anything and all you do . . . love and hugs . . . Mom

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. Love the poetry. You trully are an amazing woman and an inspiration;)

  6. Thanks so much, Kim! I appreciate you reading my books and taking the time to make a comment! I look forward to writing more for you!! Down the way I hope to have a publisher interested in publishing my picture book, Magic. Your kidlets will LOVE that one! Magic is not noted here on the site but it’s hubby’s FAVORITE of all my writing. Have an awesome evening xo

  7. I bought both books Kim and they are fantastic!! Gonna get them printed off so the kids and I can read them together. I look forward to checking out your next masterpieces!!

  8. Thanks for your kindness, Paula! I still have the Buddha nut you gave me when you and Krista Lily came to visit me at my house after I left the hospital 🙂 It’s my good luck charm xoxo

  9. Hey Kim! Sorry it took me so long to get on the bandwagon! So amazed by all you do! Xoxo Paula

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