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Hear the song I wrote, Comin’ Undone.  I’m singing it and playing the guitar too. It’s rough!

Comin’ Undone – © Kim Friesen

So yes this is me singing and playing the guitar and yes THIS IS A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!!!! But, it’s mine and I wrote it – lyrics and chords – and it was recorded a few years back in its raw form when I was at a songwriting camp.  I DO NOT SING OR PLAY GUITAR EASILY!!  I neither play nor sing in front of many, so consider this a wow moment for you 🙂

The hick-ups in the song are my emotions – personal thoughts running through my head.  The song is dedicated to my Great Grandpa and Grandma, John and Jeannie Brown – I changed Jeannie to Janie as it sang better.  I wrote it in five minutes, it flowed out of me and I feel the spirits’ of my Great Grandpa and Grandma Brown were beside me pushing it through me.  So no laughs, just support, I’m just wiggling a little more of me out.  One day I will be “me” and I look forward to that day.

Thanks for listening and helping me be the “me” that lives inside of me.  I have more songs and one day I will post them!


Comin’ Undone – © Kim Friesen

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