Poetry – 2015 Newsletters – Volumes 1 – 6

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The poetry that follows is taken from each one of my newsletters – enjoy!

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From January 2015 Newsletter

The Beach

Sun baked sand squishes beneath my naked feet
As I rake trenches
To expose the moistness

Perched upon a cavernous log
I am both captivated and contemplative
As I gaze ahead
Breathe in a slow and delicious breath

. . . Pause . . .

The sounds of nature
Frames me, unified

My mind
Is forced of any thoughts
As I am distracted by what is before me
A wet desert that leads
To nowhere
To everywhere
All at the same time
The ocean
Smooth as a piece of glass
Yet rippled every now and then
With large bubbles
And small bursts of minute waves

Pensive I sit
Filled with the knowledge that life exists below this expanse
A mirror of those feelings and emotions that live inside of me now
That I can not
To you

Raptured in tranquility
Sweat beads on my brow
As those pocket-sized waves
I’d seen earlier
Now lap against the shoreline
Soon, I know,
They will try to lick my feet
And I will smile

I look up and see that the sun has started its slow descent now,
Its slip into another place
To warm another’s soul

The call of a seagull right near me, enfolds
Reminds me that I must leave here soon

I fight this
Remain a little longer
Intent to submerse myself even further into this moment
To live the authentic me
In touch
With my feelings
With my thoughts
With my being

© Kim Friesen

From Volume 2 Newsletter

My Pause

Hold onto my heart, please
Let me disappear
Into the cavern of my being
Where I will venture and explore

The time has come to regenerate
And despite the fear
I promise you
I will allow myself to to be permeated

Hold onto my heart, please
Capture each fresh, new tear that falls
As I try to let go and receive
All the enrichment that lies before me

The time has come to regenerate
Yet, despite the hollowness I feel
I will breathe and dig deeper and trust that I am home

Hold onto my heart, please
Care for me during this silent descent
Allow me to tether from your fingertips
So I can dangle in the ocean of hope that exists inside of me

I will regenerate

Let me burrow into my secrets
Comfort the little girl who is always inside of me
Break down walls and barriers that others erected
Be still in the moment and draw the strength that is needed
I promise
That when I resurface
My love for myself and for you
Will be
Better directed
To become
That person
That I knew one day
I wanted to become

© Kim Friesen

From Volume 3 Newsletter

Your face like porcelain
Taut and translucent
Delicious and dewy
A resplendent vision before me
So assured

Eyes cast forward
Divulge such frailty
A lost soul
Who searches

My heart feels your pain
It clenches, restless

The sound of silence
Tries to bring you to your knees
Dissolve you into a pool of emotions, blinded

My mind searches for a bridge
Down the corridors my thoughts travel
To the room
Where the boat is perched in safe harbors
I pull it towards me

I promise
I will not let you go, like others
A warrior
I will defend you
Destroy the demons
Intent on your obliteration

Your mouth turned downward
Makes me yearn
To paint kisses
Dripped with love
Across each wrinkled crease of woe
I so want to hug you
Allow my heartbeat to encompass you
Breathe into you the scent of hope

I want your soul to smile with mine

My limbs begin to
As I watch your fist shatter the mirror
Among the tears
My legs
Like the fabric doll
My auntie made for me
When I was five
I try to hold onto something
To prop myself back up
But the floor’s surface
Beckons to overtake me

My heart beats, thunder
As my eyes
Like a stopwatch
The drops
Of blood
That rain downward
As your hands drop to your waist
And you stare forward

I try to reach out to you
But my arms
Are paralyzed
As the room begins to spin

I remember the dandelion you picked
That spring day in the meadow
How you blew softly upon the feathery pieces of fluff
“I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish
I wish tonight”

Shallow breath
I am drawn to look at you

What do I even have to offer you?
Am worthy?

You turn towards me
Our eyes lock in a stare
As a single tear
From your eye
My heart, eternal

Spasms of apocalyptic nature
Erupt inside of me

Sounds rings through my ears, vociferous
Reminds me I am still in fact alive, buoyant
Hands grab hold of both of us
As we are shrouded
In this moment
Upon this cliff we dangle

Is your life flashing before you eyes now?

“Hush a bye baby, on the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock;
When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby,
Cradle and all”

Voices interrupt
Their clamor violates my thoughts
As muscled arms
The feather
That floats in a spiral
In front of me
I watch, mesmerized
As each letter to each word
To every sentence
Attempts to penetrate
And threaten the life line
I witness
As the unknown begs, blithe
To the silence
The warrior


The glare of the hospital lights, incandescent
The ugly beige curtains, drab
The hospital bed sheets, twisted
The sounds of laughter, palpitates in the hallway
The realization that nothing has changed

Foreshadows from the past?
Predictor of the future?

Checkmate in the game of life
You stare at your hands
As I stare at you
No mirrors close by

The snake in the grass slithers
Parting yesterday and tomorrow
Only you can answer
If it will take you away

© Kim Friesen

From Volume 4 Newsletter

I Love You

I write
My time
I say now
What I should have said

I love you

For today
For tomorrow
For always

This is my promise
The vow that I never personified
Yet now I do

Forthwith I will savor
Each stroke
Each breath
Each movement
You radiate through my life

Forthwith I will allow you to
Illuminate and penetrate my soul
To remove the shadows of doubt
That once used to tether

I will not treat you
The way a spoiled child treats
An over abundance of Christmas gifts

I will
Revere you
Amaze you
And perhaps the most important gift

I will love you

Unconditional, non-selfish, supportive and demonstrative


© Kim Friesen

From Volume 5 Newsletter

Goodbye. Hello

The stand of trees protect me now
Shafts of white light
Reach down from above
To surround and
Illuminate me from within, brilliant

As I sit in this moment, absorbed
I remember
The silent cry of goodbyes
Which once used to torment me
So many
By people
Who I thought I mattered to
Only to find out later
I meant nothing, robbed

Today though
Yet another path
A new fork in the road
Calls my name
And I
Walk towards it
I reach up to the sun rays
Reminded how warm they are

Another adventure awaits me
As a door shuts in my mind
And I leave behind those fractures of people
Whose fissures once tried, in haste, to dissuade me

A smile filled with courage
Spreads across my face
As I take the step to move forward
Down this new path
Stretched out before me
Without fear
Of the future

I am ready

I walk upright, tall
Let my nostrils fill with belief
Heart opened wide
Surrounded in the knowledge
That experience
Will make me thankful
That the stand of trees will protect me, always

I move forward
To embrace you

© Kim Friesen

From Volume 6 Newsletter


Inspired by Gwen Stefani’s Song – I Used To Love You

The door opens
As a lump forms in my throat
Drips of irony splash at my feet
Mixed with
The feeling of wanting to flee

To greet your face
A face I had dreamed about
But wondered if I’d ever see
Feels as though the past just crashed into the present
It roars
A tidal wave of emotions tramples my mind
As I try to cover my ears before the
Of my heart song

I stand exposed
Caught off guard
My veil of concealment having done a face plant
Damn you

“Suitcase, band-aids, pulling back out the driveway . . . I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you?”

Words that need to be spoken
And dissect
My inner fortress
Each bricks begin to shake, agitated
My mind races
Trying to catch up with
The cuts you’ll surely attempt to make upon my words
Can I trust you?

A jigsaw puzzles lies before me
And I can’t help but think where that first piece is
You know
That one that always gets you started
I am befuddled
No longer at peace with my day

Why is this happening?

I try to envisage what your thoughts were then?
What they might be now?
You act so composed now
Yet, I know you . . .
Inside you are dying

You could never fool me, could you?

Remember that I’m that one that never judged you

I wish you never chose to lie to me, of all people
I wish you thought I was important
To put me in the same arena as those who judged you
Still stings me to this day
Makes my insides curl, contort
Concurrent with the fact that I know you know
That a shred of me drowned that day that I walked away
Lost I was
Within your ego’s demands
I was forced to leave

What we would have been . . .

I lay cut open before you
And still wish you did not have this effect on me
Damn me

“I think I just remembered since the first time that I hated you that I used to love you”

Severed in this fragment of time
I feel raw
And know I need to leave
Before I once again say something
I will regret
You know I’m good at disclosure
Letting all my feelings out
While others stay silent
Don’t you

This time though
I was with another
They saw you when I wasn’t looking
They spoke to you
They almost slipped up
And said those words
That would have gutted me:
“She misses you”
They know I need you,
Especially right now

Words won’t come easy for me today though
That I was your loss
That it was never the other way around

So, I catch my breath
And walk away
Before you
End this moment

I later was told it was right then
That your smile faded
The smile you easily shared with me
That surprises me
Were you, perhaps, invested?

Is this song over?
Have all the words now been written?
Have I hit ever note for every chord?
I will allow you to judge . . . 

I walk away
Into you
Once more
On the same day
In a separate part
Of our town
This time
Even closer
I can almost smell your perfume
I don’t remember your eyes looking so kind

“I give up!” I thought
You always could get to me
Couldn’t you . . .
Our destiny
You hugged me
I hugged you back
I said I missed you
I know you knew I was shaken
I held my head higher
You said you missed me too

But then today
of letting my words tumble out
Clowns in a clown car
I grab hold of those tiny fragments of my heart
Reserved only for you
Taking a labored breath

I was the best thing that ever happened to you . . . I don’t know why I cry”

© Kim Friesen

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