I will be releasing two new eBooks in 2018!  Yes, this is taking a while, but my brain space has not been conducive to writing. I promise I am doing my best to meet deadlines, but since I am the boss, there is no one to give me heck for not adhering to a timeline 😉

THE ELEPHANT JOURNALS, My Stroke of Luck: A Survivor’s Story:  is my highly anticipated eBook.  This eBook is a personal account of the stroke I suffered at thirty-seven years old and the early days of my journey.  It brings me back to this time in my life whenever I write about it. Sometimes I have to step away as it hurts emotionally and physically – sometimes my scar throbs when I write about it – like it’s reminding me that I do in fact have scars and I did, in fact, undergo two brain surgeries.

Poetry which I wrote during the immediate aftermath of my stroke will also be included – none of my work here is edited.  I left it as I wrote it in my journal; mistakes and all after my stroke.

I intend to follow up and release an eBook of the poetry I wrote for the first year after my stroke (which I really feel was the time it took me to get “me” back).   It focuses on my feelings, my insecurities of not being good enough and struggles to once again find my identity – in the early days; I wondered why just hadn’t died (something my husband hates to hear!).  I feel it’s important to share this with the world.   So you realize that I know I am not perfect and for those who have suffered you don’t ever have to be perfect too.  Like my article I wrote and was published on a website/magazine, about my stroke, I ask you lean close and listen to my world.

Generations – This is an eBook of poetry.  It’s about women but is relevant to both men and women (both sexes will love its content).  I have enjoyed putting it together writing it over the years.

In Gratitude,