Thank you for visiting this page.  Articles that I have written are shown under this tab as sub-tabs.   A few are published, as shown below, and were written from my viewpoint; intended to spark conversation, and be used for entertainment purposes only.  I’m excited to share them.  All of these are free for your reading.  Please, do not print, reproduce, or distribute them in any way without my prior written consent.

Those that are published are:


Island Parent – Victoria, BC. Article published titled Forty and Pregnant, on page 54/55 of the June 2008 edition.


The version shown on my website is not my original – because it’s mine, I have re-written it whenever I felt the urge to do so.  The original, unaltered version is published under the name “Stroke of Luck” with Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon and Monday Magazine’s Supplement = Body, Mind & Spirit.  This version I wrote right after my stroke. The links to both of the published copy are:

Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC. Article published titled Stroke of Luck on their website during Stroke Month (June 2007).

Monday Magazine’s Supplement, Body, Mind, & Spirit – Victoria, BC. Article published titled Stroke of Luck on Page 19 of the autumn 2005 edition.

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