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Hi, my name is Kim Friesen, I have published 2 eBooks that I wrote, Angelina Beaglina Saves Summer and Little Willow, as well as several of my articles too: Island Parent – Victoria, BC. Article published titled Forty and Pregnant, on page 54/55 of the June 2008 edition. Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC. Article published titled Stroke of Luck on their website during Stroke Month (June 2007). Monday Magazine – Victoria, BC. Article published titled Musings on Meditation on page 33 of the May 10 – 16, 2007 edition. Monday Magazine’s Supplement, Body, Mind, & Spirit – Victoria, BC. Article published titled Stroke of Luck on Page 19 of the Autumn 2005 edition. My next goal is to finish the draft of an eBook that I'm writing about the stroke I suffered in 2003, as well as one of some of the poetry I've written. I’m also very excited to get some of the songs I’ve written published. As you can see I'm active and relish at being a mom to my wonderful six-year-old son, Kaian, and our furry family (2 dogs and two cats). I'm lucky too that I get to share it with my awesome husband, Trev. There is nothing better than living with them here on the beautiful West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island while I write books, poetry, lyrics (with simple chords), and articles related to events and people that have affected my life. I hope that you enjoy reading my writings and that the future is bright and generous to us all! Cheers, Kim


Hello, new and old-time friends!  Welcome to my inner world!  I am so happy to be writing to you via this platform and hope that you endeavour to take the time to read what I have to say and provide your feedback.  I love and thrive with positive interaction and communication with like-minded people.  I find that the world today is too filtered – everyone intent on the projection of perfection, both physical and mental.   My intent is to offer you my raw, authentic self in hopes you gravitate to a place where it’s okay to be nothing but beautiful you.   We all are masterful works in progress.  I hope you share and grow with me on this platform, so we can be the best humans possible 🙂

In Gratitude,